Papers submitted for publication in Νέα Ῥώμη should be mailed to the editors (prof. Santo Lucà / prof. Francesco D’Aiuto, Dipartimento di Studi letterari, filosofici e di storia dell’arte, Università degli Studi di Roma «Tor Vergata», Via Columbia 1, 00133 Roma) or e-mailed to them as pdf files (, oppure

The journal Νἐα Ῥώμη guarantees the adoption of impartial evaluation procedures according to the international standards. Every paper submitted for publication, containing no indication of authorship, will be refereed anonimously by two different reviewers.

The journal’s group of stable reviewers is constituted of numerous experts in the various fields of Byzantine studies from Italy and abroad. It can be occasionally enriched with further reviewers, when useful or necessary for the sake of evaluating papers with a specific focus or methodology.

All the documents concerning the peer review process are kept by the editors under guarantee of strict confidentiality. The names of the experts who collaborated to the peer review process are published on the journal every two years.